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The Zsidai Gastronomy Group has over 40 years of experience and outstanding expertise in the field of corporate and private events.

Whether it's a birthday party, wedding, standing reception, gala dinner, press conference or protocol event, the versatility of the company makes Zsidai Group the perfect choice for any event.

Prior to each event, our event planning team will use their expertise to tailor the catering and service to the client's needs. Depending on the size of the event, there is the possibility to choose finger food canapés, which can be placed and served to contribute to an unforgettable evening experience.


In addition, the option of a flying buffet and buffet dinner is what gives the right informal atmosphere for a pleasant event.

The previous ones are probably the most popular with our clients and we can cater for up to 1000-1200 people. If it is a gala dinner or a protocol event, we should definitely consider a seated event. Depending on the venue we can cater for gala dinners from 20 to 300 people. All of these events are very special occasions for us and deserve special attention.


For which events do we recommend Opera Café?

PROTOCOL EVENT - for its easy accessibility
BUSINESS PARTY - for the sense of exclusivity of the venue
product presentation - for the stunning location
CHRISTMAS PARTY - for the intimate atmosphere of the café
END OF THE YEAR PARTY- for the ideal size of the venue
PRESS EVENT, PRESS BREAKFAST - because of the stunning appearance of the venue
BUSINESS BREAKFAST - for the fresh and quality breakfast offer
COCKTAIL PARTY - for the unrivalled quality of drinks and snacks
STANDING RECEPTION - for its spacious space and easy access
TEMATIC EVENT - for easy furnishing

For which events do we recommend the

Opera and Erkel Theatre?

GALA DINNER - for its spacious spaces and large capacity
CONFERENCES - for the beautiful interiors
PRESS CONFERENCE - for its excellent accessibility
BANQUET - for the different themed rooms
STANDING RECEPTION - for the great atmosphere and the variety of rooms
BUFFET-DINNER - because of our fantastic cuisine and excellent professionals
COCKTAIL PARTY - for its unique location


Both the Erkel and the Opera can accommodate large numbers of guests.

The Erkel Auditorium has a capacity of 1,800 people, while the Opera Auditorium has a capacity of 900, so it is advisable to adjust the number of people attending events if the event is combined with a performance.

The Erkel Theatre can be divided up in terms of interior space:

  • Aula (ground floor) - can accommodate around 900 people

  • Bernáth buffet (first floor) - can seat approximately 900 people

  • Bernáth Hall (2nd floor) - for a smaller number of people


The Opera can be subdivided in the following way in terms of interior space:

  • Aula (ground floor) - for 300 people

  • Feszty bar (1st floor) - for 300 people (including the cloisters)

  • Red Salon (1st floor) - for 50 people

  • Bertalan Székely Hall (1st floor) - can accommodate 100 people (with King's staircase)

  • Cloisters (Feszty Bar, King's Staircase)

  • upstairs "lounge" rooms (2) - can accommodate 50-50 people

  • upstairs Confectionery - can seat 300 people

  • upstairs Medgyaszay Room - capacity 100

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